The Holiday Issue

Happy Christmas to those of you celebrating. I'm torn between having a day off and trying to get stuff done, given that I have just over a month before my travel starts up again.

As Christmas is often a time for side projects I have my book on sale (save $10) through Christmas Eve. If you want to read my thoughts on creating side projects that also generate income, take a look here.

Speaking of side projects. I have pre-launched the online version of my CSS Layout Workshop in the last week. Here is a post about the workshop and my decision to sell and deliver the material via Perch Runway and our new Shop App, rather than via a third party. I'm keen to make Perch Shop a great solution for selling digital things. We've invested a lot of time into getting things like location-based tax right, so this is a great chance to really test our own product.

I've been a bit lax at getting these emails out, so I'm going to move to every other week. I'd rather send out something that contains great content every two weeks than scramble to find good stuff to fill one every week.

Best wishes for Christmas and for a productive and successful 2016!

Rachel Andrew