Issue 98

I'm writing this with a very sore everything having tripped over a dog while running down a gravel path this weekend. Having gravel scrubbed out of my face and knee was not how I intended to spend my weekend, but here we are!

In better and more interesting news we launched subscription pricing for Perch last week. It's the first change in how we price the product in six and a half years. It's too early to say how this will pan out but it's a great deal for a certain group of our customers and we're keeping the one site = one license model too. Pricing is hard, and anything you do will result in people emailing to tell you that you should be doing something else (something more beneficial to them). I think the only way to deal with that is to know that you have thought through the figures, and remember that the folk emailing don't have all the data that you have!

Happy Thanksgiving to American readers, I hope you have a good holiday.

Rachel Andrew