It's all about the Brexit

What else could I be writing about this time? Those of you not in the UK are probably completely sick and tired of hearing about this at this point but from where I'm sitting it's all gone the way of a seriously pear-shaped pear.

Business goes on. Our Euro and USD customers for Perch are benefitting as we've slashed the prices of our products for customers paying in those countries without us losing out all at due to the weak pound. We're looking seriously at moving the business and potentially ourselves out of the UK. The links in this newsletter are some of the clearer writing and resources I've seen so far - obviously things are very much up in the air right now.

In better news. If you can get to Brighton, get yourself along to Life Time Value conference next week, I'm amazed there are still tickets available with the lineup they have put together. I promise not to just rant about the Brexit all day!

Rachel Andrew